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Pocket Strip Pocker II

Double Trouble (Sandy & Emma) Update on Pocket Strip II. These cute college students are inseperable. You will have to beat both of them!


Mirror 1

Pocket Strip Pocker - Angel

Video version Update add-on. Ready for some real bondage action ? Angel is everything but an "Angel"!

Enjoy your favourite Pocket Strippoker 1 models now in FULL MOTION VIDEO in STRIPPOKER 2, The Video Edition !

This package contain a VIDEO VERSION of this popular Pocket Strippoker 1 model. As a FREE BONUS, you also have the choice to install a 3D version of the video's. Watched with 3D glasses (the red and blue glasses used to watch 3D movies) the models will literally jump out of your Pocket PC !

PPC 2002

Mirror 1

Pocketstrippoker hot helen

nudes pocketstrippoker lyric beyonce extraordinary claims excaliburfilms ... war soldiers uniforms vidxxx helen hunt legs gallery ukraine sex scandal

Mirror 1

Pocketstrippoker jungle ji

Let Jungle Jill be your tourguide in a sexy poker-safari. Don't forget to bring your survival kit! THIS SOFTWARE DOES NOT FUNCTION WITHOUT THE POCKET STRIPPOKER FULL GAME ALSO AVAILABLE ON THIS ...

Mirror 1

Pocket Strippoker marisha

A mystic poker game with Indian beauty Marisha. THIS SOFTWARE DOES NOT FUNCTION WITHOUT THE POCKET STRIPPOKER FULL GAME ALSO AVAILABLE ON THIS SITE. *All models are 18 or older.

Mirror 1

Pocketstrip poker mimi vice

This lovely police lady will make you forget about all your speeding tickets. THIS SOFTWARE DOES NOT FUNCTION WITHOUT THE POCKET STRIPPOKER FULL GAME ALSO AVAILABLE ON THIS SITE. *All models are 18 ...

Mirror 1

Pockets trip poker teeniejessi

She looks very innocent but watch out for her! THIS SOFTWARE DOES NOT FUNCTION WITHOUT THE POCKET STRIPPOKER FULL GAME ALSO AVAILABLE ON THIS SITE. *All models are 18 or older

Mirror 1

Pocket strip poker: Work out wend

The hottest strippoker game on earth with gorgeous firewoman Helen! THIS SOFTWARE DOES NOT FUNCTION WITHOUT THE POCKET STRIPPOKER FULL GAME ALSO AVAILABLE ON THIS SITE. *All models are 18 or older.

Mirror 1

Penguin Panic 1.0

Enjoy a frozen treat with Deluxeware's Penguin Panic! Drag and drop ice blocks to create rows and columns, collect trophies by generating massive combos or performing other outstanding feats! Complete Story Mode by saving all of your frozen penguin friends, challenge yourself with 100 brain teasing levels in Classic Mode, or just chill out with Relaxed Mode. With addictive gameplay for everyone, Penguin Panic will warm the hearts of casual players the world over!

Mirror 1

TV Remote Controller v5.5

TV Remote Controller is a Pocket PC and Pocket PC 2002 application that uses your PDA as a universal remote control for TV, VCR, Cable, SAT, DVD, and other equipment. You can control 38 predefined devices + 30 learned devices + devices in CCF files. Converts your spoken words into infrared remote control signals using voice recognition technology. Can recognize up to 25 voice commands. Listening in the background (you can use another application and control your TV or VCR). Basic skins: TV, VCR and Universal. Ability to work with CCF files (own skins, macros). Learn mode (you can learn up to 30 devices). Multi-Languages (English, German, Italian, French, and Japanese). Uses PDAs hardware buttons to control volume, program and on/off.

PPC 2002 only

Mirror 1

Vito active trace

VITO ActiveTrace is a sports oriented software specially designed to help you watch your sports progress. VITO ActiveTrace turns a Pocket PC into your personal coach that accurately keeps detailed statistics for every trip and also records corresponding tracks. Just turn VITO ActiveTrace on, put your device in a pocket and concentrate on training. It is great for any outdoor activity!

Mirror 1

Spb Diary 2.5

Spb Diary is a feature-rich Today plug-in for your Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Notes and Messages. It enhances Pocket Outlook by gathering all of your PIM information in one place. With Spb Diary, the Today screen will soon become your favorite since you will need to leave it less and less.

  • Today plug-in for PIM data with tabs
  • Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Notes, Messages, Birthdays and Special events
  • Calendar tab
  • Tasks tab
  • Contacts tab with photos
  • Notes tab — notes and documents
  • Messaging tab — emails & SMS
  • Special Events tab — Birthdays and more
  • Custom tab
  • One hand navigation

Mirror 1

Ipaq Chess

If you're a beginner, or ready to take on Garry Kasparov, Rampart Chess is the Pocket PC chess game for you. It features high resolution, beautifully-rendered chess pieces, a very powerful chess engine with 10 levels of game play, a two-player mode to challenge your friends, and a fully editable chessboard to set up legendary chess games or puzzles. Use Rampart Chess to learn the game, sharpen your skills, and enjoy hours and hours of challenging fun.

Mirror 1


  • Easy enough to use every day.
  • Currency converter with auto rate grab.
  • Financial & Stats, Graphing calculator.
  • Full scientific calculator & base converter
  • Unit converter, Tip Calculator.
  • RPN, DAL & Algebraic calculator modes.
  • 5 memory banks with copy/paste.
  • Customize groups to your unique taste.
Mirror 1

Informap PocketWorld 2007

Pocket World gives you the whole world in your pocket. At any time, one click will bring you 133 facts from each of 272 countries. Facts such as currency, population growth, life expectancy, inflation rate, rate of exchange, international relations, political personalities, and more. On top of that, there is a substantial number of comprehensive charts and maps. Pocket World is the most extensive Multimedia-country database available for the Pocket PC. Countries can be selected according to the most varied criteria. The search criteria fall into categories for speedy fact finding, business and trade relations as well as geographic- and cultural characteristics. So, you could search for countries according to dialling code, Internet Domain, currency, capitals, export-, import- and agricultural-productivity, natural resources, coast lines and so on.

Mirror 1

Tomb Raider

When you explore, check everything. Look for things that stand out. When you try to jump over a short wall, use running-jump or side jump roll, and when you try to jump over a tall wall, use jump and hang. Shoot early, even when you just hear the animals but haven't yet seen them, especially in later levels. You will meet the animals as soon as you start the levels. There's a pretty good amount of ammo and new weapons throughout, make sure you pick them up. Go through the training (choose Lara's home at the game's title screen to get to the training mode).

Mirror 1

Astraware Tradewinds 2

Tradewinds 2™ is the sequel to Tradewinds® - a best-selling game of Far East trade and pirate adventures. Tradewinds 2™ offers players a brand new adventure based in the exotic seas of the Caribbean. Building on the trading fun of the first game, Tradewinds 2™ features 20 all new ports to explore, new ships and weapons to buy and upgrade, new goods to trade in, and a brand new feature - tasks to complete for honor and reward. In each port, the Governor may request the help of your captain - from simple shopping tasks to rescuing fair maidens and defeating dangerous pirates. Elicit help at the Inn, and buy charms and amulets from the trader to help your safe passage to the next port.

  • Over 100 hours of gameplay!
  • 20 Caribbean ports to discover and explore
  • Upgrade your ship and weapons
  • Defeat dangerous pirates in exciting sea battles
  • Complete tasks and missions for honor and reward
  • Windows Mobile® 2003
  • Windows Mobile® 2003SE
  • Windows Mobile® 5
  • Windows Mobile® 6 Classic
  • Windows Mobile® 6 Professional
Mirror 1

Battle Ship

The classic naval combat game now in the palm of your hand on your Pocket PC device! Try to sink all 5 of your opponents ships before your own are found and sunk! Choose from two skill levels and play against the computer or with friends using one or multiple handheld devices! Realistic game sounds and rich media graphics make this officially licensed version the ultimate classic BATTLESHIP game. Play in Salvo mode where your number of shots is determined by the number of ships remaining in each player's fleet. Game statistics are displayed after one fleet is found and sunk.

  • Based on the classic game from Hasbro
  • Several different game modes incl. multiplayer via IR
  • Realistic battle sounds
  • Full game statistics
  • Pocket PC 2000
  • Pocket PC 2002
  • Windows Mobile® 2003
  • Windows Mobile® 2003SE

Mirror 1

PathAway PRO v4.00.79

PathAway navigation system uses satellite signals to determine your exact location, speed and direction of travel. PathAway will work with most handheld GPS units, Add-on GPS devices, Compact Flash GPS, and Bluetooth GPS. Z%YK+I00F
Supports any NMEA0183 v2.0 or higher compatible GPS device (this encompases the majority of GPS devices on the market). Delorme Earthmate™, and Tripmate™ proprietary protocols are also supported. @Kxq6
GPS is not required to use the software. Pathaway's powerful hi-res mapping engine allows you to capture and view all your maps. SDQ0M=

Mirror 1

Pionexus Memory Game v1.0

Three difficulties, with increasing number of pairs. You have to click on cards to reveal the underlying image, and then match them with their corresponding pair in the quickest time possible.

.NET Compact Framework v1.0 with 53KB Free Space

Mirror 1

AudioBox Micro Composer v1.44

AudioBox is an all in one virtual recording studio and sound creation tool for your Pocket PC. Create your own musical compositions without the need for additional software or dedicated hardware. Inspiration doesn?t always strike whilst sat at your PC, so if you?re a budding musician looking for a quick way to lay down your ideas or want to create complete compositions then this is the only package you need.

  • Analog Synthesizer
  • String Pad Synthesizer
  • Digital Sampler
  • Drum Machine
  • 16 Channel Mixing Desk
  • Real Time Digital Effects
  • Score and Track Editing
  • Real Time Device Automation
    16bit 44Khz Audio Processing Please Note AudioBox is not a midi file player. While it has the ability to import and play midi file data, its purpose is not to emulate general midi compatible Wavetable devices.

  • Requirements:
    5Mb Storage Space

    Mirror 1

    Neu: Pocket Light

    A small application with turns your pocketPC into a light.

    Mirror 1

    Astraware ChromaGames 1.8

    ChromaGames features the classic games of checkers, chess, and backgammon all in one full-color bundle.

    ChromaGames from Whitehorse Games is suitable for both seasoned players, and for people who want to learn. ChromaGames features a detailed help function built-in and all three games have varying difficulty levels to enable progression as you improve your skills.

    • Three complete games in one! Play backgammon, checkers and chess.
    • Don't know the rules? They're included in the games!
    • Just starting out? Hint feature lets you borrow your handheld's brain to suggest a move.
    • Board setup feature.
    • One easy-to-use interface for all three games.
    • Choose your skill level
    • Great for beginners

    Astraware Equilibria 1.1

    Maintain this precarious balance by tapping groups of 3 or more matching marbles to clear them from the board. Take advantage of the numerous powerful bonus marbles to aid your cause, but don't let the marbles reach the edge of the board, or it's game over!

    • Fast Paced, Challenging Gameplay
    • Challenge and Survival Modes
    • Powerful Bonus Marbles
    • Breathtaking Graphics
    • Atmospheric Sound Effects and Soundtrack
    Mirror 1

    Astraware Mars Needs Cows 2.1

    Mars Needs Cows is the wacky new puzzle game from the famous online masters, PopCap Games!

    And not just any old boring Martian animals... we need EARTH animals! And lots of them! Why ? Well, its obvious! Err....[...TRANSMISSION ENDS]

    Stretch your brain muscle in a series of increasingly challenging puzzles, as you maneuver stupid earth animals into the middle of a field so that you can beam them to your ship!

    • Cute Animated Cows, Sheep, Pigs, Chickens, Wolves, Foxes, and more!
    • Two THOUSAND unique puzzles ranging from easy-to-learn, to brain-bustingly hard.
    • Built-in Tutorial
    • Easy to learn with three difficulty settings
    • High score charts for each difficulty
    • Earn Ranks as you complete further missions
    • Built-in ability to show the solutions for levels you can't do!

    Astraware Sudoku 1.2

    Sudoku is a logical puzzle game, originally created in puzzle books and then made available in countless newspapers worldwide. The grid is 9 cells high by 9 cells wide and within the grid are 9 boxes each featuring 9 cells. The object is to fill in the numbers 1-9 in each row, column and box, but they must only appear in each one once.

    Astraware Sudoku is suitable for players of all abilities and features include 6 levels of difficulty, pencilmarks in a choice of styles, optional completion and tracking of pencilmarks, a unique and innovative notepad which enables players to make handwritten notes and sketches overlaid upon the grid, and an advanced hint system to assist you by highlighting areas where progress can be made without giving away the answer.

    • Wide range of assistance including smart hints system, pencilmarks and hold-and- highlight to help beginners
    • Puzzle of the Day downloadable over the air or via connected device
    • Dedicated companion website featuring solving techniques and additional puzzle packs at
    • Built in puzzle generator creates literally billions of puzzles!
    • Puzzle solver to help with Sudoku in newspapers and books
    Mirror 1

    Astraware Shape Shifter 1.01

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Children Of All Ages, Shape Shifter beckons you to a delightful convergence of action, intrigue and fun!

    ShapeShifter has two fun-filled modes of play; Beat The Clock, where you fill a specified number of rows before time runs out; and Shape Speedster, where you clear a number of rows before the board fills up. As they are cleared, another row appears. If the rows reach the top of the board, then your game is over. Higher levels bring more and varied types and colours of shapes to create a greater challenge. Beat The Clock also includes special bonus levels to test your speed and dexterity.

    ShapeShifter also features the same zingy sound effects as the PC version and has a carnival-style music soundtrack courtesy of Astraware's Aurora Sound Engine.

    • A massive array of colourful and bright shapes!
    • Original musical score!
    • 2 Game modes
    • Selectable levels of difficulty, from level 1 to level 99!
    • Bonus levels to test your wits and reflexes
    Mirror 1

    Astraware Bzzz 2.12

    Life is easy for a frog - or so you thought. But what if those flies decided to get their own back? Keep your frog happy and well fed by helping him to catch flies with his long tongue, but don't take too long, or the flies will get wise and dive in to bite him!

    Life is easy for a frog - or so you thought. But what if those flies decided to get their own back..... ?

    You've got to keep your frog happy and well fed by helping him to catch flies. Don't take too long, or they'll get wise and dive in to bite him!

    • Ultra-cute sprites now in High Resolution too!
    • Simple to play - great fun for kids and adults alike!
    • Just Click or Tap to shoot - its easy!
    • Sweet Sound Effects
    • Three difficulty levels, plus...
    • Wandering wasps to avoid
    • Combo and Super-Combo bonuses for good accuracy
    • All new cartoon-style look

    Mirror 1

    Astraware Pixelus 1.0

    Set on the mythical island of Pixelus, players must help Claudius navigate the various temples of Pixelus to recreate the beautiful mosaic floors by replacing missing tiles. Each temple contains an increasing number of mosaic puzzles which Claudius must complete to please the gods and escape the island.

    To complete the puzzles players must slide tiles into place using other tiles as a guide. As each puzzle is solved it displays the completed mosaic in full colour. Pixelus features beautiful highly-detailed graphics, an atmospheric music soundtrack and over 200 puzzles offering varying levels of difficulty for novice players or expert puzzle fans.

    • Innovative new Mosaic game mechanics!
    • Over 200 unique puzzles to solve!
    • Meet mythical gods aplenty in the exciting storyline!
    • Turn-based gameplay for thoughtful puzzle lovers!
    • Progressive level of difficulty introduces new players to the game while challenging expert gamers
    • Interactive tutorial mode
    • Atmospheric music soundtrack
    • Supports 320x480 (Portrait) and 480x320 (Landscape) resolutions on compatible Palm OS® devices
    • Beautifully detailed native VGA graphics for the latest VGA Pocket PCs
    Mirror 1

    Astraware Mummy Maze 2.32

    Guide your explorer through the mazes inside a Pyramid, and outsmart the Mummy, who's just a few steps away! Mummy Maze is based on the popular web game from PopCap.

    This puzzle game is simple to learn, and offers many hours of absorbing puzzle playing! Guide your explorer to escape from maze after maze, each one containing the dangerous Mummy of an ancient Egyptian king. Use walls and doors to your advantage, and find ways to trap the Mummy, since he runs faster than you can, and will easily catch you out in the open!

    • Excellent graphics
    • True conversion from the web version
    • Easy interface
    • Sound effects
    • Three play levels of difficulty, each with 15 chambers of increasing challenge
    • Over 1250 unique mazes to solve!
    • Ability to undo many moves, reset mazes and even show the complete solution
    • High Scores
    • Ranks to earn - work your way from 'Tomb Beetle' to the fabled 'Ultimate Explorer'

    Mirror 1

    Astraware Super Slyder 1.10

    Meet Slyder, a spherical hero who needs your help to find his way through a wealth of brain-teasing mazes. Along the way he'll meet friends and foes like Boffo, Unger, Reginald and Sparky. Some will help him and some will seek to hinder his progress. Use your powers of logic to show Slyder the right way to the warp point and on to the next level.

    • Over 200 mind boggling mazes to solve
    • Incredibly cute and loveable characters, each with their own unique sound effects
    • A jaunty soundtrack
    • Multiple profiles allow you to keep your progress separate from friends or family
    • Incredibly intuitive interface lets you use the directional pad, on-screen buttons, or even tapping the screen to play
    • Supports low-res (160x160), hi-res (320x320) and hi-res+ (320x480 and 480x320) Palm OS® devices
    • Supports native QVGA (240x320), VGA (480x640) in both portrait and landscape, and even "square screen" (240x240) Windows Mobile® for Pocket PC handhelds
    • Supports standard Windows Mobile® for Smartphone resolution (176x220) and QVGA (240x320) displays!

    Astraware TRIVIAL PURSUIT 1.01

    The world's most popular trivia game is now available for handheld devices.

    With incredible new game features, the Trivial Pursuit® Handheld Edition rewards the clever, while still highlighting everyone's trivia talents. The game features over 1600 questions in six categories- Sports and Leisure, Arts and Entertainment, History, Science and Nature, People and Places, and Wild Card.

    In Classic mode, players of the board game will find comfort in its familiarity, while experiencing the benefits of automated card selection, rolls of the die and token movement.

    Flash mode offers a ladder-style version of the Trivial Pursuit® game in which one to six players take turns answering questions. Players move up the ladder with every correct answer and the first player to reach the top rung and answer the final questions is the winner.

    Play in single player mode or against two to six opponents in local hot seat mode and multiplayer.

    • Over 1600 multiple choice and true/false questions
    • Two modes of play
    • Classic play, the beloved original in a snazzy setting
    • Flash mode, a quick fix Trivial Pursuit® game
    • Multiplayer support of 2-6 players over IR (Infrared)
    • Multiplayer lobby offers a meeting place for a networked game including chat among players
    Mirror 1

    Astraware Popcap Games Pack 2.1

    The collection of astraware. Five great PopCap games all for one great price!

    Swap gems to make lines in the fiendishly addictive Bejeweled. Amazingly simple to play - Unbelievably hard to put down! One of the rare games that you can play all day 'just one more go' at a time.

    Mummy Maze
    Escape to the exit and outwit the mummy in Mummy Maze. This puzzle game is simple to learn, and offers many hours of absorbing puzzle playing!

    Seven Seas
    Navigate your galleon through hazardous waters, avoiding pirates, reefs, and even sea monsters in Seven Seas. Blast the pirates with a full broadside from your cannons to earn extra points, or lure them onto the reefs to destroy them.

    Turn lead into gold and become the mythical Alchemical Grand Master in Alchemy. Place runes of magical shapes and colours onto the screen, and turn the board to gold!

    Make Molecules in Dr. Atomicus' Laboratory in Atomica! Build up atomic power by moving atoms to make larger and larger molecules.

    Mirror 1

    Metalion 2: Mutant Uprising

    This is the 2nd Episode of Metalion series attracted a lot of attention on its release. The battle for maintaining this wonderous land begins. There is only Metalion2 to save the earth from other mutants. Now you take on the battle with Metalioins using various weapons and items against the AI enemy.

    • Superb 3D graphic design of characters and background
    • Dynamic 8 stages: Jungle, City, Valley, Dungeon, Deep-sea, Outer Space...(random stage to level 4)
    • Every 3 characters has different functions
    • Interactive visuals through the pilot screen
    • Various Options for more effects (Lightening, Blending Overlay, Rotation, etc.)
    PocketPC 3.X and up, 6MB RAM available and 2MB free space

    Mirror 1

    Argentum v1.09


    Earth-based Galactic Exploration Alliance (GEA) are in delicate negotiations with the Ni'rikei over the substance Argentum, a space based 'living energy' that is the basis of the GEA economy. The Ni'rikei claim it is sentient. The GEA claims its ethicists have proven Argentum no more sentient than bacteria. GEA Ambassadors are sent to meet with the Ni'rikei on Septigia for one last attempt at peace...

    Join Commander Steele of the Galactic Exploration Alliance in a dramatic story of war and technology where the very future of mankind is at stake. Coming only to PocketPC, Argentum aims to set a new standard for PocketPC gaming.

    Argentum is a real-time strategy (RTS) game set on the moons of a faraway solar system. The game features real-time shadows, alpha-blending, smooth landscapes, advanced AI, and impressive explosions, as well as many other features.

    CNET Networks is not responsible for the content of this Publisher's Description. We encourage you to determine whether this product or your intended use is legal. We do not encourage or condone the use of any software in violation of applicable laws. Any questions, complaints or claims related to any specific download should be directed to the relevant vendor.

    Join Commander Steele of the Galactic Exploration Alliance in a dramatic story of war and technology where the very future of mankind is at stake. Argentum sets a new standard for Pocket PC gaming. PPC 2000, 2002 & 2003

    Storage: 6.5 MB
    Memory: 8.5 MB

    Mirror 1

    Astraware Text Twist v2.12

    Text Twist is the highly-acclaimed word game based on the PC game by GameHouse. You're given a scrambled six letter word, and you have to see how many 3, 4, 5 and 6 letter words you can make in a limited time! If you manage to get one (or more) six letter words by the end of the level, you get to play again! Guess the words to score points. Longer words give you a better score. Complete all the words in a level for a special points bonus.

    If you're stuck, Twist to shuffle the letters, and maybe it'll give you a clue! Text Twist is easy to play, and incredibly absorbing! Play whenever you've got a spare couple of minutes! Even if you never thought you were good at word games - you'll love Text Twist!

    • Make 3, 4, 5 and 6 letter words from 6 given letters
    • Guess the 6 letter word to progress to the next level
    • 'Twist' action scrambles the letters to offer clues
    • Word list of almost 10,000 words
    • Brain-teasing against-the-clock action

    Mirror 1

    Dictionary English - French


    It is a useful dictionary for transtating.Try it and you will see.

    Mirror 1

    English Khmer Dictionary

    • Over 39,000 entries.
    • Fast and easy to search for Cambodian meanings of English words.
    • Why carry a hardcopy dictionary when you can have it on your Jornada, iPaq, Cassiopeia, or other devices using SH3, MIPS, or ARM/XSCALE processor.
    • You can even install it onto your Compact Flash Card and run it from there.
    1-install the Ekarm-demo.exe program
    2-Copy the Ximplex folder to your Pocket Pc phone where the file is instal


    • Handheld devices running Windows CE 3, Pocket PC 2002, or Pocket PC 2003.
    • 1.7mb of storage space.
    • Must be one of these processors SH3, ARM/XSCALE, or MIPS.
    Mirror 1


    Whether you want this Windows CE shareware for personal or business use, the speed, convenience and flexibility of ACDSee Mobile for Windows CE will make it one of your favorite Pocket PC applications. ACDSee Mobile is Windows CE shareware that lets you to carry your favorite digital photos on your Pocket PC device. You can also use this Pocket PC image viewer to beam your images to other PDA users that have ACDSee Mobile for Windows CE software.


    Windows CE 3.0 or later, 800 KB free space, Pocket PC device, Windows 9x/NT4/XP

    Mirror 1

    Smart movie 3.22


    SmartMovie is a video player for your mobile device, with counterpart PC converter utility. With the converter, you may prepare any video clip for playback on your mobile device.

    Play your videos on your mobile device, anywhere, anytime, you need just a few steps:
    Convert any video file on your PC into a Pocket PC -friendly video file.
    Upload video into device/memory card.
    Play the video in SmartMovie Player installed on your mobile device


    · Standard AVI format, allowing you to preview converted files on your PC.
    · Player uses the phone screen in portrait or landscape mode, utilizing full screen size of the device.
    · Rescaling of video to utilize full-screen area.
    · PC converter allows you to split video file into multiple segments, so that it fits onto your memory card, if not entire, then cut to more parts - you may watch your favorite video in parts, e.g. while traveling to work/school.
    · Support for subtitles - allowing you to watch movies in different languages.
    · Friendly PC converter - preview videos on PC, select parts you want to convert, alter quality.
    · Supports DirectShow codecs, so you may use video codecs downloadable from the internet.
    · Very fast conversion; on standard PC conversion is 5x faster than video clip playback time. You'll convert entire movie in just a few minutes
    · Bicubic rescale algorithm shrinks video to small screen size in best possible quality.
    · Adjustable quality parameters for video and audio streams, allowing tuning target video to your needs.
    · Customizable video Player (brightness, language, volume, and more).


    · Windows Mobile 2003/5/6

    Mirror 1

    Colin Cobuild English Dictionary


    Collins Essential English Dictionary was designed with the office worker in mind, and with 80,000 references plus notes on usage, life and culture, we offer an excellent reference for your mobile office. The interface makes each word easy to look up, so you can find what you want to say fast. This dictionary download is an ideal tool if you compose documents or email from your Pocket PC.


    Windows Mobile 2003, 2003SE

    Mirror 1