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Astraware Mummy Maze 2.32

Guide your explorer through the mazes inside a Pyramid, and outsmart the Mummy, who's just a few steps away! Mummy Maze is based on the popular web game from PopCap.

This puzzle game is simple to learn, and offers many hours of absorbing puzzle playing! Guide your explorer to escape from maze after maze, each one containing the dangerous Mummy of an ancient Egyptian king. Use walls and doors to your advantage, and find ways to trap the Mummy, since he runs faster than you can, and will easily catch you out in the open!

  • Excellent graphics
  • True conversion from the web version
  • Easy interface
  • Sound effects
  • Three play levels of difficulty, each with 15 chambers of increasing challenge
  • Over 1250 unique mazes to solve!
  • Ability to undo many moves, reset mazes and even show the complete solution
  • High Scores
  • Ranks to earn - work your way from 'Tomb Beetle' to the fabled 'Ultimate Explorer'

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