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Handango Ultimate Games Suite

License: Free
Price: Free

Play high-stakes poker, realistic slot games, challenging chess, and more. Handango's Ultimate Games Suite offers handheld gaming fun for Palm OS, Pocket PC, and RIM platforms. This title provides players with a unique games suite for each platform. Palm OS gamers can choose from checkers, poker, and a very original game called Vexed, while the Pocket PC suite includes Pocket Casino, PalmChess, Ball's Clues, and HangGuy. RIM BlackBerry gamers get a rockin' suite of games, including iSnake, BerryChess, Hockey Pong, RIMCell, Fighter Blackjack, Mines, RIMChicken, and solitaire, the always-popular classic.


Pocket PC:
Microsoft Windows CE 3.0 or later
ActiveSync 3.1 or later

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