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myPlayer v1.25

License: Free
Price: Free

myPlayer is a light-weight application that provides access to BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Five On Demand, MSN Video and SBS directly - eliminating the requirement of a (flash-enabled) mobile browser.

- Choose your own media player - define how each stream is played (CorePlayer v1.3.6 is recommended)
- Full iPlayer integration - browse the Mobile content as you would from any other supported device (including the search feature)
- Download high quality BBC iPlayer episodes directly to your device for offline viewing
- Hulu - watch a selection of your favourite US shows (Family Guy, Scrubs, etc.)
- Five On Demand - catch up with the latest content from Channel Five
- MSN Video - a further selection of streaming content from the UK
- SBS Australia - content from the Special Broadcasting Service*
- Live TV channels - watch the popular terrestrial channels live (BBC1, ESPN, Sky News, etc.)
- Extensive TV feed index - hundreds of live TV feeds from around the globe
- Live Radio stations - a selection of BBC broadcasts
- Custom TV / Radio stations - add your favourites
- Search History - tracks the most recent searches for easy access
- myPlayer streaming service - preconfigured VLC server to overcome connectivity issues (eg. blocked ports, non-UK region, etc.)

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 6.0, 6.1 or 6.5; QVGA, VGA and WVGA support; .NET 2.0 framework or greater; a media player that supports RTSP streaming the mpeg4 codec (eg. CorePlayer)

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