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ReliRescue GPS v1.17

License: Free
Price: Free

ReliRescue enables your Windows Mobile Phone to broadcast your location to designated partners (over SMS or email).
Your location is obtained using Integrated or external (Bluetooth) GPS connected to your device.
This utility also enables any Windows Mobile platform to feed the broadcasted waypoints to track and locate the sender.
I use this utility to broadcast my location during Hang Gliding activities to a ground personal (Reli - the software is named after you...).
This Utility is provided for free (as long as it seems), however contains a time expiration mechanism so you'd come again to get a newer version from this site. Features of this current version (partial list):
  • Supports internal GPS or external Bluetooth GPS.
  • Supports Smartphone versions of Windows Mobile
  • Supports location broadcast over your Phone's SMS (Short Message Service).
  • Status display: Speed, Alt, Destination to WP, Time to WP, SMS status and more...
  • Supports recording a compressed track log
  • Data features:
    • Connecting to the Internet through GPRS/UMTS/WiFi/USB
    • Sending compressed track log to an email receiver.
    • Translation of track log to Google KML (screen shot, sample KMZ file) and FAI IGC formats by server side (which sends email)
  • SMS Broadcast features:
    • Supports livetrack update
    • Supports broadcast to multiple phone numbers
    • Supports periodic interval broadcasts (5, 10, 30 ... minutes)
    • Supports reducing the amount of sent SMS messages by sending them only if you are on the move.
    • Supports automatic detection of "landing/crash" situation and sends a message.
    • Records a log of sent messages, so you'd know how many messages were sent and get their status.
Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

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