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S2U2 v2.40

License: Free
Price: Free

S2U2 (Slide2Unlock2) is a simple lock/unlock application which has the iPhone style slide unlocking. It can be used as a screensaver while you don't use your device. It has a CallerID function (but it may not work on some devices, so try it before use it daily); S2P control plugin; and volume control. S2U2 shows many system information even without unlocking and highly customizable.

Change Log :
- added options to remind any unread notification by vibration or sound or both (S2U2 Settings > Reminder).
Refer to S2U2 Settings Description.xls for details.
- added "60 minutes" option for "Snooze time" (S2U2 Settings > General).
- added "Headset" option for "Lock on Talk" (S2U2 Settings > Power).
- added option to check if any notification exists before unlock by the Proximity Sensor (S2U2 Settings > Power).
- changed the action to shrink appointment info from "tap" to "slide up/down".
- added "slide to view" for Appointment: tap an appointment to show its details & then slide the slider to open Pocket Outlook with that appointment day.
To change the view appointment application to others, refer to S2U2 Settings Description.xls for details.
- added slide action to the ON/OFF switch of S2U2 Settings.
- fixed a very rare case that iLock2 would hang the system.
It's related to the checking of Exceptional EXE. If you want to know the technical details, then click here.
- fixed Manila was positioned incorrectly after soft-reset on some devices.
- fixed on some devices/ROMs, the hardware keys were locked even corresponding S2A option was turned on.
- fixed voice mail notification icon was not shown if the value was negative.
- fixed occasionally the "Replace WM6.5 system manual lock" did not work.
- a few minor bugs fixed.

WM5 Phone or WM6/6.1/6.5 Professional devices