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Rseven v1.00

Price: Free

Now you can keep all your calls, messages, pictures and other data from your Windows Mobile device, even if you switch phones or network providers.
  1. Archive your incoming, outgoing and missed call logs.
  2. Record your incoming and outgoing calls including call to your voicemail.
  3. Backup your SMS.
  4. Store your image, audio & video files.
  5. Sync your contacts and calendar (even to other smartphones).
  6. Scheduled automatic backup.

All of the above data will be archived at the Rseven website, where you can:
  1. Search through all your messages and notes.
  2. Playback your recorded calls.
  3. Go to any date in the past to see what you did, who you called and where you were at.
  4. See a threaded view of your calls and messages with each contact.
  5. See the location of the places where you've been on a map.
  6. View and edit your contacts and calendar, and sync it with multiple phones.
  7. See the strength of your Connections with your contacts, based on the frequency of your calls and messages.
  8. See the statistics of your calls and messages with each contact.
  9. See the photos and videos from your phone in a Gallery, and send them to Facebook.
  10. Share your contacts & calendar events with pre-defined Groups in Rseven.

Windows Mobile 6 , 6.1, 6.5

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